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The Everett Overton Collection

"It is my honor and privilege to craft and present these fragrances to you."
- Everett Overton

Mr Confident

$129.00 USD
Are you ready to close? This boss scent was born to deliver.

The initial application of this bright, clean, remarkably masculine scent will bring an immediate smirk to your face. If you didn't have pep in your step before, you certainly will now.

At the twenty-five minute mark, this playboy begins to really shine. The scent cloud permeating from you will intoxicate the room. Get ready for compliments.

Around the two-hour mark, you are in full command. All attention is yours. The Champion Energy is in full effect.

Unquestionably a Signature Scent.

Always pair with a fresh haircut. Undoubtedly, a suit scent that transitions smoothly to Happy Hour…and of course, After Hours. In addition, this concoction delivers magic to the crisp, white t-shirt and jeans on the weekends as well.

Take it easy on them, Champions. They ain’t ready.

2 fl. oz. / 60 mL


This cologne is elite. Period. You can tell upon the first spray that this was artistically crafted. I’ve been using Mr. Confident for a month now, and it is my favorite scent in my fragrance lineup consisting of big-names such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Mont Blanc, & others. I’m gonna need another bottle soon, along with the other two, as I’ve been spraying that shit on everything. Excellent work, EO, & thank you for this. Definite good purchase - prepare for compliments, whispers, & head-turns. Not to mention aiding you in embodying it’s essence - CONFIDENCE. Don’t wait. Peace.
February 2023
The is sexy on top of sexy. By far the best cologne you got. One of the best I tried. I will buy more. I would drown my self in this, that's how good it is. I say 10 out of 5 stars. Don't miss out and get it. It's unique, fresh, vibrant, with the right strength. It smells so manly. Panty dropper 20,000.
Neil Ray
February 2023
This is dope . What I like the most about it is that scent stays around wherever you are or wherever you spray it. I'm someone that likes to use jackets and I only wash them only when is needed so that subtle fresh Mr. Confident scent stays for days and in my opinion it smells better like that because it adds like an edge to it . Thanks EO , for everything you do.
Luis David Roman
May 2023
Really masculine attractive sense. I’ve gotten multiple compliments and been told by women it turns them on. It the ultimate scent.
July 2023